Want a Career in Cloud Technology?

Nedamco Africa is seeking exceptional and ambitious youth from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Kigali, Rwanda to be permanently employed in our 
cutting-edge cloud technology programme in Nedamco Professional Services.

Apply now Deadline 21 November 2023

Become a Certified Professional

Immediate employment that starts with an intensive 
12-month online training programme

You will gain certified, cutting-edge cloud technology skills that are globally in great demand

You will also learn soft skills like teamwork, communication, and strategic thinking

Get World-Class Skills and Certifications

Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence Web Development IoT Engineering Cloud Architecture Data Science Climate Technology Microsoft Amazon Strategic thinking

12-Month Training And Full Employment

Approx. 12 months
  • Divided into 3 phases you need to pass
  • Intensive, 40-hour working weeks
  • Internet subscription provided for free
  • Personal support and mentoring available at all times
  • Full employment during and after the training programme

Careers Available

Your specialisation will be determined during the training programme.

Machine Learning and AI Engineer

You will tackle water and biomass challenges by crafting predictive models. Your role bridges data analysis with operational efficiency, driving climate tech projects alongside various teams towards our sustainability goals.

Web Developer

You will create digital twins for our water and biomass systems, deploying interactive web interfaces that mirror real-world dynamics. You'd ensure these digital twins are visually engaging, technically sound, and integrated with existing systems for real- time resource management insights.

IoT Engineer

You will spearhead loT solutions for water challenges and biomass management, developing smart systems for efficient resource monitoring and control. Working closely with tech and field teams, you'd ensure our loT frameworks meet operational and sustainability targets.

Cloud Engineer

You will lead the development and maintenance of cloud infrastructure for data science and software. Your role includes implementing security measures, scaling efficiently, and optimizing costs. Collaboration with teams is vital for seamless cloud integration into projects.

Data Scientist

You will immerse yourself in extensive datasets to unearth meaningful insights and patterns related to water resource management and biomass utilization. Your responsibilities will include the development of predictive models and algorithms that drive operational efficiency and resource optimization.

Software Developer

Your role includes creating innovative web interfaces and IoT apps for water and biomass systems. You will code, deploy, and maintain software for real-time resource insights, focusing on seamless integration with existing systems. Quality assurance is vital to meet technical standards and user experience requirements.

Who Should Apply, What Is Required?

  • The programme is only for youth from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Kigali, Rwanda
  • Bachelor’s degree in ICT, STEM, or environment related fields
  • Both recent graduates and young professionals with a few years of work experience
  • Foundational understanding of digital technologies and/or cloud computing
  • Sufficient English proficiency
  • We strongly encourage women and persons with disabilities to apply
  • We consider both tech enthusiasts as well as passionate environmental advocates

How to Apply?

Deadline 21 November 2023

  • 1
    Application form

    Fill in the application form by clicking "Apply now".

  • 2

    English proficiency and aptitude tests (online)

  • 3

    Personal online interviews by Nedamco

  • 4

    Agreeing on the 
employment contract

What Our Employees Say

"I remember when I was about to sign the contract thinking about working and being a first-time mom. After signing I was worried about studying and taking exams while also being pregnant. Thanks to the flexibility Nedamco Africa provided I was able to study and pass my exams. I even took one of the exams when I was two weeks before my due date. I cannot say it is all easy-peasy, but achieving work-life balance for mothers is not a miracle that happens out of the blue. It comes with efforts from visionary leaders. I have found that to be true at Nedamco Africa. I am looking forward to what the future holds."

Ayantu Etefa

"Nedamco Africa opened doors to a world of opportunities by empowering me to evolve both professionally and personally, offering a diverse array of experiences that have been invaluable to my career."

Yididya Kebede

"Through Nedamco Africa, I’ve gained invaluable experience through training, and working. I completed and earned certifications from AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle Cloud. As a “working learner” I worked as a trainer, which helped me contributed to the company’s culture of continuous learning. My real-world experiences from the internship program honed my critical thinking and problem-solving skills along with upskilling my technical capacity. I’m grateful for the mentorship at Nedamco Africa and confident that this experience will fuel my career growth."

Nolawit Fantahun

"My experience with Nedamco Africa has been nothing short of transformative. The company's dedication to professional growth through exposure to cutting-edge cloud technology and certifications has helped me stay ahead of the curve and build a solid career foundation. Moreover, the flexibility to work from home, due to my disability, has been a game-changer in terms of work-life balance and accessibility. It's not just the technology that sets this company apart - the welcoming and collaborative culture of the team makes every workday a rewarding one. My colleagues are always willing to lend a helping hand, making challenges feel like opportunities for growth and success."

Ezedin Fedlu

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Nedamco Africa?

Nedamco Africa is a climate-technology organization from the Netherlands with offices in Ethiopia and Rwanda which focuses on deploying impactful climate solutions around Water and Biomass. Nedamco Africa is leveraging cutting-edge technologies (e.g. cloud computing, digital data, Artificial Intelligence and satellites) to create environmental credits and certificates which are implemented by results-based Public-Private Partnerships that expedite financing and scaling of impactful climate solutions. Nedamco Africa is collaborating closely with the Dutch and German Governments, as well as with many international technology leaders. Nedamco Africa will source talents from Nedamco Professional Services.

What is Nedamco Professional Services?

Nedamco Professional Services is a cutting-edge workforce development and talent deployment initiative. It was launched to address the growing global need for cloud specialist services with a focus on Microsoft Azure. Nedamco Professional Services will service the global demand for cloud specialists from Africa. Nedamco Professional Services will deploy talent to Nedamco Africa Climate Tech As A Service (CTAAS).

At the core of Nedamco Professional Services is the internal Nedamco Africa Academy.

What is the Nedamco Africa Academy?

The Nedamco Africa Academy is an internal academy designed to take high potential Nedamco Africa employees to become world class cloud professionals ready to be part of Nedamco Professional Service. As a Nedamco Africa employee you will start in the internal Nedamco Africa academy for ±12 months. Following the internal academy, you will be integrated into Nedamco Professional Services; from there you will be working either for Nedamco Africa Climate Technology as a Service (CTAAS) or for Nedamco Professional Services local and international clients. The Nedamco Africa Academy is much more than a training initiative – it’s a mechanism that stimulates the flywheel of digital transformation. Through the Academy, we provide end-to-end operations of country-specific skilling and employment initiatives. In this way, we are aiming at skilling the Digital Transformation Workforce of the future – a workforce that is highly skilled, adaptive, innovative, and ready to create a sustainable, prosperous Africa.

What makes the Nedamco Africa Academy unique?

The Nedamco Africa Academy is not just another developer bootcamp or post-graduate workshop. It is a transformative talent development initiative combining cutting-edge technology skills, with innovative learning methodologies, and accelerated career development.Our Academy provides you with a unique and exceptional learning and working experience:

  • Hybrid Learning Methodology: Our Academy uses a fully virtual learning environment using a blended, hybrid approach, combining different methods of self-determined studying with intensive periods of instructor-led, live-online training, peer-to-peer engagements, and other facilitated activities.
  • Cutting-Edge Curriculum: Our Academy will prepare you for the latest digital technologies which are transforming workplaces worldwide, including cloud computing, data analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence, digital twins, and more.
  • Global Standards: Our courses are designed according to international curriculum standards and skills definitions, ensuring you always receive industry-leading content and expertise. We provide high-quality interactions with industry-recognized experts, using a combination of internationally certified trainers and local experts and mentors.
  • Certifications That Matter: Measure your progress and success with globally accepted industry certifications, such as Microsoft and Amazon. These high-quality, internationally recognized certifications prove your expertise and capabilities, enhancing your career prospects.
  • Real-World Capabilities: Our Academy is moving learners from “knowing” to “doing” as quickly as possible. We are integrating many hands-on experiences from the start: Our learners are not limited to watching software demonstrations or be restricted to limited lab demos – we provide access to the very software and platforms you are being trained for. And we are integrating real-world working experiences right into the studies by offering traineeships for learners.
  • Beyond Technology: We know that technology knowledge alone isn’t enough. Our Academy offers many opportunities to develop essential workplace skills and business acumen. You’ll learn teamwork, efficient communication, collaboration, project management, problem solving, strategic thinking, and other vital soft but not-so-soft skills!
What will your time at the Nedamco Africa Academy look like?

The Nedamco Africa Academy is your gateway to exciting careers in Nedamco Professional Services for the digital age. The program is designed to be an intensive training for employees of Nedamco Professional Services who need to elevate their skills and capabilities in innovative technologies, modern business practices, and environmental sustainability to be globally competitive. Excited to find out more? Here’s a high-level overview:

  • The full internal Academy program takes about one year, divided into three separate phases (called Basecamp, Apprenticeship, and Mastery), each of them to be completed by passing a distinct set of graduation requirements.
  • The program requires your undivided dedication and participation during a full 40-hour working week. You won’t be rushed; instead, you’ll have the opportunity to dive deep into each subject, ensuring you acquire a strong grasp of all topics and concepts.
  • Nedamco Africa employees as part of their contract will also receive accommodation to access the internet for free.
  • Employees of Nedamco Africa are full-time salaried employees. This will provide you the opportunity to dedicate 100% of your time and energy to the internal Nedamco Africa Academy training.
  • Throughout your time at our Academy, you will be receiving support, help, and encouragement from experienced mentors and coaches. You will be learning by working in real-world environments, on practical assignments, with realistic project requirements and expectations.
  • The Nedamco Africa Academy pays particular attention to ensuring the deployment readiness of our employees. By the time you graduate, you’ll have the skills, experience, and certifications you need to succeed in domestic and international organizations.
  • Nedamco Africa recruitment intake will begin in November 2023. Join us at Nedamco Africa, and let’s unlock your potential together.

Still Have Questions?

If you have further questions regarding the employment or the training programme, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

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